Treats Box #2 (Hard Chewers)
Treats Box #2 (Hard Chewers)

Treats Box #2 (Hard Chewers)

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Ideal for hard chewers. 

This box was built for the hard chewer that eats through everything. This box is filled with long lasting all natural animal parts.. Eating and Chewing animal parts is a natural way to promote trace mineral intake and prevent destructive behavior. Animal part treats and chews are great for the environment by reducing animal factory waste and is a sustainable way to keep your dog entertained and healthy.  Ideal for all level chewers this is the perfect gift for any dog.

  • 2 Stuffed Gullets
  • 2 Cow Tail 6"-8"
  • 2 Bladder Sticks
  • 2 Gullet Sticks 6"
  • 3 Backstrap Flats
  • 2 Pig Ears
  • 2 Tripe Bone
  • 2 Cow Hooves
  • 2 Gullet Flats 6"
  • 2 Braided Gullet 6"

Our Natural Animal Part Treats are distributed from Warehouse #4 which is a FDA/USDA certified warehouse that strictly deals with food. As a result you may experience a small time lag with when that component of your shipment leaves the warehouse. We pride ourselves on fast delivery but safety takes precedence over speed. Please be patient as some parts of your shipment may arrive before others.